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Molecular Biology

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Molecular biology


At Defiance College, the molecular biology program explores the explosion of information in modern biology, focusing on the building blocks of life and how they assemble into cells, tissues, and organisms. Special attention is given to nucleic acids and proteins and the techniques currently used in industry, research, and government labs.

Working closely with professors, students experience first-hand the cloning of genes, genetic fingerprinting, and the analysis of proteins. Student-centered learning allows majors to focus on topics that interest them and will prove valuable for their career objectives.

All molecular biology majors will earn a minor in chemistry upon completion of the molecular biology degree requirements.


200 internship hours are an integral component of the molecular biology major. The focus of the internship depends on the student’s area of interest and is available in a variety of professional settings. Whether it is shadowing a physician at a regional hospital or assisting a veterinarian in their clinic, the internship gives glimpses into possible career choices. The internship itself will provide real-world, on-site learning experience and training in the student’s selected interest. Students are encouraged to choose an assortment of internship experiences to round out their education.


Benefits of the Program

Defiance College offers science students hands-on lab experiences that feed their natural curiosity. Small-sized labs allow students to engage actively with faculty and establish strong, positive relationships. Through the McMaster School, students have the opportunity to travel to another part of the world and complete a project of their own design, thereby growing their skills in identifying issues and problem-solving while nurturing a global perspective. Molecular biology majors have completed projects in Cambodia and Belize on issues such as water quality, and providing education for illnesses, first aid, and water safety.

Related Programs

The science division at Defiance College offers pre-professional programs in the areas of medicine, veterinary, dentistry, optometry, and chiropractic. Upon completion of the program, students are prepared to take entrance exams and apply to graduate professional school. Pre-professional programs offer all the classes required for acceptance into professional and graduate schools. DC students have had great success getting into these programs because of the depth of their knowledge gained here. This is made possible due to small class sizes, tailored individual instruction, and undergraduate research opportunities. Course selection is individualized from a broad range of science courses and internships.

After College — What’s Next?

The molecular biology program permits the most career flexibility of the natural science majors. The program prepares students for graduate school, medical school, veterinary school, dental school, laboratory-based research, or similar professional careers. 

Molecular Biology  

Recent Employments

Recent molecular biology graduates have found positions in a variety of professional schools such as:

●  Medical schools
●  Osteopathic schools
●  Veterinary schools
●  Podiatry schools
●  Laboratory and research positions in the food science industry
●  Laboratory and research positions in the pharmaceutical industry

Student Quotes

"A combination of factors worked well for me as a molecular biology major. My passion for the subjects and the accessibility of the professors created the prospect for academic success."
--Braden Watchmann, 2014 Graduate


"Defying the ordinary is exactly what I think of when I think about the molecular biology program at Defiance College. The professors are extremely personable and willing to share their experiences with students. This environment fosters not only individual guidance but also a feeling of team comradery. The vast research options (both domestic and international) as an individual or a team member helps students gain valuable experience as well as stand out from their peers. The learning environment helps you think critically and at the cellular level, not only about what’s going on but looking at future implications and problems. The molecular biology program will help you defy the ordinary and make you stand out from your peers, helping secure a spot wherever you wish after Defiance College."
--Dakota Keller, 2014 Graduate


"In the modern interdisciplinary world of science, molecular biology touches almost all sciences ranging from physics, chemistry, and, of course, biology. Our program at Defiance College will give you the background preparation needed to succeed in a career in the sciences. This major is also the best preparation for most professional programs such as medicine, pharmacy, veterinary school, dental school, and many others."
--Dr. Griggs

Nathan Griggs, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Biology
Phone: 419-783-2592

Doug Kane, Ph.D. 
Professor of Biology
Phone: 419-783-2593

Alyson Laframboise, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Biology

Phone: 419-783-2494 

Somnath Dutta, Ph.D.
Professor of Chemistry

Phone: 419-783-2428