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Molecular Biology

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Molecular Biology

“Phenomenal cosmic powers! Itty bitty living space.”

Sure, the Genie in Disney’s Aladdin is talking about living in his lamp, but he might as well be talking about molecular biology.

At Defiance College, the molecular biology program explores the explosion of information in modern biology, focusing on the building blocks of life and how they assemble into cells, tissues, and organisms. Special attention is given to nucleic acids and proteins and the techniques currently used in industry, research and governmental labs.

Working closely with professors, students experience first-hand the cloning of genes, genetic fingerprinting, and the analysis of proteins. Student-centered learning allows majors to focus on topics that interest them and will prove valuable for their career objectives.

Given the rate at which scientific information is expanding, faculty also encourage and equip students to seek out and assimilate new developments in areas of their greatest interest, and to use new knowledge and theory in their field and related fields.

Study the power in the smallest things and get ready for a big career in science or medicine.

Look at life through the microscope.


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After College — What’s Next?

The molecular biology program permits the most career flexibility of the natural science majors. The program prepares students for graduate school and a variety of career opportunities in the natural science field. The molecular biology major is geared for those students interested in careers in medicine, research, veterinary science, pharmacy or similar professional careers.


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The science division at Defiance College offers pre-professional programs in the areas of Medicine, Veterinary, Dentistry, Optometry, and Chiropractic. Upon completion of the program you would be prepared to take entrance exams and apply to most Graduate Professional schools in these areas. The pre-professional program offers all the classes required for acceptance into professional and graduate schools. Our students have had great success getting into these programs because of the depth of their knowledge gained here. This is made possible due to small class sizes, tailored individual instruction and undergraduate research opportunities. Course selection is individualized from a broad range of science courses and internships.


The Faculty

Nathan Griggs, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biology
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Douglas D. Kane, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biology
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Alyson Laframboise, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Biology
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Somnath Dutta, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry
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