Courses - Nursing RN to BSN Completion


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Course Requirements and Offerings

Nursing Core Courses
26 Credit Hours

NR 365 Nursing in a Globalized World (3)
NR 380 Nursing Informatics (2)
NR 400 Nursing Transitions (3)
NR 415 Nursing Research (3)
NR 475 Community Health Nursing (6)
(4 Lecture + 2 Clinical)
NR 480 Nursing Leadership and Management (6)
(4 Lecture + 2 Clinical)
Plus A Professional Elective (3)


Core110 World Issues
Core115 Foundations of Academic Inquiry
Core120 Introduction to Human Communication
Core125 Composition I
Core220 Inquiry in Science
Core215 Critical Reasoning
Core225 Composition II
Core210 Presenting the Diverse Self
Core310 Integrated World Issues

*Requirements may vary depending on transfer evaluation from Associate Degree program or Diploma program.