Bill Payment Procedures

International Students

The following must be completed BEFORE arrival at Defiance College:
- $500 Deposit is due 10 days after receipt of I-20 and acceptance letter
- Billing statement must be signed and returned to Defiance College
- Fifty percent (50%) of semester bill must be paid by these deadlines:
   August 1 for Fall Semester
   December 1 for Spring Semester
   April 1 for Summer Semester

Students that do NOT pay by the above dates will NOT be allowed to attend classes.
-  See “Maintaining Your F-1 Status”


The following must be completed UPON arrival at Defiance College:
- Sufficient funds to pay in full my tuition, fees, textbooks, supplies, and living expenses for one fifteen-week semester. Here are the following ways to pay for your bill:
   - Credit Card, Visa and MasterCard
   - U.S Checks (checks from a U.S. Bank)
   - U.S. Dollars
- Once your bill is paid for the semester you will be registered with SEVIS for that semester
- Billing statements are due each semester.
Payment options may be available after the first year at Defiance College. Please note that your funds must be proven to match the amount of your college bills. It is VERY UNLIKELY that income from part-time work will fund your education.

If you have questions, please call the International Admissions Office at 419-783-2365. Our goal is to help make your transition to Defiance College a safe and easy one.