Honors Symposium



Spring Honors Symposium 

April 10, 2015

 Honors Symposium Application



Honors Symposium

Each member of the Honors Program is required to participate in the bi-annual Honors Symposium. Each member of the program should plan on presenting at each symposium. Presentation may include poster presentations or oral presentations. It is recommended however, that students give a minimum of one oral presentation each academic year. And Oral presentations are encouraged for all those members in their junior and senior year. The presentations should be conducted on your Honors work and may include a presentation of your Honors Courses, Honors academic/cultural activities, or Honors trips. If you would like you may also receive permission to present special course projects or activities. This event is required.


Fall 2014 Honors Symposium

Thank you to all judges, advisors, and students for all of the hard work that you have
put into this year's Honors Symposium. Without you, this would not have been

Fall 2014 Honors Symposium Program