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Project 701

McMaster School for Advancing Humanity

A purple handprint inside a black circle. A yellow line runs across the middle saying Project 701. Outside the circle says: Defiance College's student run non-profit.

One way you can become a difference-maker is to get involved in Project 701: an exciting, student-run, nonprofit organization that is unique to Defiance. It is an extraordinary opportunity open to all DC students to learn how to develop a service or business directly related to your area of study. Project 701 provides a structure to design, implement, and manage projects that impact community needs.

Click on a logo below to learn more about that project. Each project description includes a contact person who can give you more information about how to get involved.

Back Pack Buddies Creating Defiance
DC PC Solutions
DC Recycling
Operation Preparation The Opp Shop
Project Pink Read @ DC