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Peer-to-Peer Copyright Infringement Policy

Computer Services


The “Computer Policy” of Defiance College requires that students use the College’s computer resources, including access to the Internet through the network, in a lawful manner. Infringement of copyright via unauthorized peer-to-peer file-sharing is illegal and is subject to disciplinary action by the College.

If a student is suspected of using the College’s network or other College resources to infringe copyright via illegal or unauthorized file-sharing or downloads, Computer Services will immediately block that student’s access to the network and make a formal referral to the Dean of Student’s Office for disciplinary action. A student’s access to the network will remain blocked until the Dean of Students or their designee has informed the student of the reported or suspected violation and initiated the conduct process.

If the student, through the normal student conduct adjudication process, is ultimately found responsible for having violated the Student Code of Conduct, the following sanctions are recommended:

The senior student affairs officer or other appointed designee may adjust or augment the severity of the above sanctions in proportion to the severity of the offense. Other sanctions identified in the Student Code of Conduct may be imposed at the discretion of the hearing officer or hearing body.

Faculty, staff, or other College personnel suspected of engaging in copyright infringement will be referred to Human Resources for appropriate investigation and, when necessary, corrective action.


Rev. November 2015