Field Experiences

Education Major


Defiance College is fortunate in that it has developed a sound rapport with area schools. This type of partnership provides excellent opportunities for students to receive extensive hands-on experiences under the guidance of highly qualified school teachers starting as early the first semester of the freshman year. These field experiences are an important part of the instructional program, so much so that they are integrated throughout a student's program. There are three key components to the Defiance College Teacher Education Program field experiences. The Defiance College Teacher Education field program is designed to offer our students with increasingly extensive and intensive hands-on classroom experiences as they progress through their college career.

Early Clinical Experiences and Early Practicums
Many of the courses in the teacher education program require students to complete field experiences in addition to the in class requirements. These field experiences range from 10 to 40 hours across the semester. Most of these are completed before the student's junior year.

Methods Practicums
Defiance College has a three course methods sequence. During their junior year, students will complete their beginning and intermediate methods placements (40 and 80 hours respectively), typically in a single classroom placement. This is followed in the fall semester of the senior year with a 120 hour advanced methods placement, usually in the same classroom as their student teaching/internship.

Students in the Defiance College Teacher Education Program culminate their education with a 15 week full time internship under the guidance of an experienced master teacher.

Teacher and Candidate Resources

Intern Unit Plan Guide
Intern Performance Assessment
Teaching Observation Rubric
Unit Plan
Unit Plan Reflection Rubric
Unit Plan Rubric