Autism Studies Minor

Hench Autism Studies Program

The Hench Autism Studies Program is designed to educate students about the unique needs of persons with autism and their families.  Additionally, students receive training on effective strategies for successful integration of persons with autism into education, vocational, family and community settings.  Students are encouraged to apply these strategies in a supervised practicum setting.  The minor in Autism Studies may be combined with any major.

Minor in Autism Studies
The minor in autism studies totals 18 hours and consists of the following courses:
HA110 Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders & Developmental Disabilities (3)
HA210 Behavior Management and Self-Determination (3)
HA250 Families and Communities (3)
HA390 Behavior Intervention Practicum (3)
PY110 Introduction to Psychology (3)
PY225 Infancy and Childhood or 
PY227 Adolescence and Adulthood (3)

Clarissa Barnes, Ph.D., BCBA-D
Assistant Professor of Special Education and
Director of the Hench Autism Studies Program
Phone: 419-783-2355