Professional Development

Hench Autism Studies Program


Professional development workshops for professionals or individuals who work with, or may need the skills to work with, individuals with ASD are offered through Hench Autism Studies Program at Defiance College.

Upon completing the workshop attendees will be able to define autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and discuss common deficits and behavioral excesses associated with the diagnosis. This background information on what a diagnosis of ASD means will provide the framework necessary for the skill building portion of the workshop. During the skill building portion attendees will learn to use profession specific skills to effectively interact and work with individuals with ASD. These skills will be tailored according to the group(s) enrolled in the workshop and will be agreed upon by the group(s) and the workshop instructor at the time of enrollment.

For more information or to schedule a workshop, please contact the Office for Graduate Studies and Professional Development at 419-783-2351 or email