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Student Work Study Program

- Process for Students
Student Employment Program Handbook
Request for Regular Payroll
State Tax Form (State of Ohio Exemption Certificate)
Federal Tax Form (Federal W-4 Form)
Immigration Reform and Control Act Form (I-9)
Student Employment Contract
DC Work Study Tracker

The DC Work Study Tracker is a great tool. Save the spreadsheet to your computer to track your earnings to date.
Simply fill in the “Total Award Amount” on the tracker with the work study award amount from your Financial Aid Award Letter.
Next, enter the amount you earned each month for each job in the appropriate column.

Earned amount = hours worked X $7.25. For example: You worked 32 hours in September for Job 1. You would enter $232 on the spreadsheet: 32 x $7.25 = $232. The tracker will help you monitor your earnings and remaining eligibility.



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