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Process for Supervisors

Student Work Study Program

Process for supervisors to hire and employ a work study student:
1. Post/update positions to the Financial Aid Office via an email to Janelle Rubio at Be sure to communicate the job status so that the website correctly reflects that the job is available or currently filled.

2. Arrange interviews with prospective student employees. Students will contact supervisors via the contact information provided with the job descriptions.

3. Advise the student of all paperwork that must be completed before they are eligible to begin work.
• State Tax Form
• Federal Tax Form
• Immigration Reform and Control Act Form (I-9)
• Student Employment Contract
• Work Authorization Contract (WAC)

4. Select and hire a student employee. Have the newly hired student employee complete the Student Employment Contract and Work Authorization Contract (WAC). These forms can be obtained from the Financial Aid Office. Keep a copy for the students file. I-9 forms, state tax forms, and federal tax forms can be picked up and submitted to the Business Office. All forms must be returned to the Financial Aid Office and Business Office before the student may begin work. This is also a good time to review job expectations, training, and the evaluation process.

5. The student and employer must sign the student time card. The employer will return the student time card to the business office by the date indicated on the time card.

6. Students must have a new WAC form on file for every academic year and every job that is secured.

Note: Students must be awarded Federal Work Study through the Financial Aid Office before they are eligible to work. A student’s award is determined by the Financial Aid Office on the basis of established policies and procedures and federal requirements. In some cases, a student may not be eligible for work-study. It is imperative that students not exceed their awarded amount of eligibility.
Please remember that work-study should have a positive impact on the student and the college. To ensure an exceptional experience for both, it is important that we all follow the correct procedure. Please contact the Financial Aid Office if you have any questions regarding the Federal Work Study Program.
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