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CAB Members

Office of Student Activities


Kelsea Burns - President (
Natasha Balduff - Vice President
Kellie Auen - Secretary
Corinna Gebers - Treasurer
Carissa Schreiber - Public Relations 
Nicole Buccalo - Advisor

In the past we have had foam parties, comedians, hypnotists, ghost hunters, mediums, and even a spring carnival!

Upcoming events: HOLIDAY EXPLOSION! December 2nd, 2015 ALL DAY LONG! - Look on Facebook, Twitter, and emails for more information!

2015-2016 Upcoming Events (CAB + Student Activities & Leadership)

Fall 2015

Aug. 21: Welcome Week-Carnival

Aug. 22: Welcome Week-Casino Night

Aug. 23: Welcome Week-WalMart Shuttles

Aug. 24: Welcome Week-My Body Sings Electric Concert

Aug. 25: Welcome Week-Talent Show

Aug. 26: Welcome Week-Bubble Ball

Aug. 27: Welcome Week-Sailesh, Hypnotist

Aug. 28: Welcome Week-Student Life Neon Rave

Sept. 10: Club & Organization Fair

Sept. 17: Clothesline Project Display

Sept. 22: Grocery Bingo

Sept. 24: DC Cooking on Campus: Nacho Average Cooking Class

Sept. 28: Leadership Certificate Program

Sept. 29: Leadership Certificate Program

Oct. 5-9: First Year Service Week

Oct. 5: Derreck Kayongo: Global Soap Project

Oct. 15: DC Cooking on Campus: Celebrating LGBT Cooks in the Kitchen

Oct. 19: Homecoming-Adam Grabowski, Comedian

Oct. 20: Homecoming-Josh McVicar, Magician

Oct. 21: Homecoming-Eric Schwartz, Comedian

Oct. 22: Homecoming-Humans vs. Zombies

Oct. 23: Homecoming-Paint the Wall & Tie Dye

Oct. 27: Leadership Certificate Program

Oct. 28: Leadership Certificate Program

Oct. 28: Whitney Pumpkin Patch

Nov. 3: Sexual Health Bingo

Nov. 9-13: Rivalry Week

Nov. 14: DC Cooking on Campus: Pow Wow in the Kitchen

Nov. 17: Leadership Certificate Program

Nov. 18: Leadership Certificate Program

Dec. 2: Holiday Explosion

Spring 2016

Jan. 14 DC Cooking on Campus: Dinner on a Dime

Jan. 22 DC MovieFest

Jan. 28: Dakaboom Concert

Feb. 4: DC Cooking on Campus: Sweet Treats

Feb. 11: Keegan Concert

Feb. 16: Leadership Certificate Program

Feb. 17: Leadership Certificate Program

Feb. 19: DC MovieFest

Feb. 24: Wayne Hoffman, Illusionist

Feb. 26 - 28: Lil' Sibs Weekend

Mar. 8: Leadership Certificate Program

Mar. 9: Leadership Certificate Program

Mar. 17: DC Cooking on Campus: Breakfast & Beyond

Mar. 23: Dan Henig Concert

Apr. 1: DC MovieFest

Apr. 14: DC Cooking on Campus: Wok Your World

Apr. 27: Spring Fling