Jacket Woods Disc Golf Course


The DC Disc Golf course, known as Jacket Woods, winds throughout the campus and offers a scenic view as players walk the course. It has nine holes, or baskets, and a place to tee off, just like golf. The object of the game is to throw a flying disc at the basket in the fewest number of throws.

Modern disc golf started in the early 60's and has been a rising trend, with around 3,000 courses in the US. It is a fun, interactive sport that is great for the entire family.

Disc Golf is being run by the business division's Business Advantage program, a student group focused on "bringing textbooks to life."


Business Advantage Program
The Business Advantage program is offered to students majoring or interested in the field of business. Students work together to create and run businesses and provide services for the community and DC campus using the academic knowledge they are learning in the classroom. By bringing textbooks to life, students are able to understand what it takes to develop and manage a business.


For more information, contact basab@defiance.edu.


Individual Baskets

individual baskets

Disc Golf Scorecard

DCDG Scorecard

Jacket Woods Course Map

DCDG Course Map