Phi Sigma Chi

Office of Student Activities

The Phi Sigma Chi Fraternity is a local fraternity that offers its members a support group through their college years.

It was on the basis of three core principles; Creativity, Individuality, and Scholarship, that the Phi Sigma Chi Fraternity was founded. According to one of the Brothers of the Fraternity, Phi Sigma Chi “brings men together who may not have realized their similarities otherwise". The similarities and core values of the men in the Fraternity help each of the brothers to raise each other to become outstanding individuals during and after their college years.

The fraternity experience is proven to provide rapid personal growth, active citizenship, and leadership. Those members who accept membership are more likely to stay in school and maintain a high standard for academic excellence.

Phi Sigma Chi is on a model of continuous recruitment throughout the academic year with formal recruitment events taking place each fall and spring.

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