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Leadership Certificate Program

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Leadership Certificate Program

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Leadership Certificate Program

The Leadership Certificate Program (LCP) is a self-paced leadership program that allows you to complete as many as four distinct levels of certificate.

The program allows for you to meet other students, gain valuable skills to apply to your extracurricular activities, and sets you up to have a distinctive DC resume! We have found that students who participate in the program gain a greater sense of confidence along with gaining better communication skills.


What is involved with the program?


How do I earn a certificate?

Platinum Leadership Certificate

Gold Leadership Certificate

Silver Leadership Certificate

Bronze Leadership Certificate


Who can participate?
Every enrolled undergraduate student may participate in the program.


What if I only have a few semesters and have a heavy schedule?
You can stop and start when you want to and can spread earning a certificate over several semester or years.  There is no pressure and this program allows for you to go at your own pace to gain experience, confidence, and self-motivation. You do not lose your progress at any point and your workshops and hours will carry over semester to semester.


How do I choose a mentor?
You will self-select a mentor who can be any faculty, staff, or your coach on campus.  You will need to talk to this person individually and formally ask them to be your mentor.  You need to be comfortable with your mentor as you will meet with them at least once a semester to discuss topics related to leadership. If you are having trouble finding a mentor or once you find one please contact Brian Starkel at bstarkel@defiance.edu.


Where do I find the Student Leadership Assessment and instructions for the written documents?
These are found under the documents tab at the top. The student leadership assessment for the bronze certificate can be picked up in Hubbard Hall Office 105 and takes between 10-15 minutes to complete.

At the end of each year, you will be awarded a certificate based on the work you put in and a small gift has appreciation for your hard work.


Contact Information

Jake Arnold
Director of Student Activities and Leadership
Phone: 419-783-2388
Email: jarnold@defiance.edu