2022-2023 Housing & Meal Plan Cost


  • McReynolds and Whitney
    $2903.00 per semester / $5806.00 per year
  • Grand Avenue, Jacket Suites, and 20 College Place
    $3070.00 per semester,  $6140.00 per year
  • Super Singles (in addition to room charges)
    $800 per semester / $1,600.00 per year


  • 19 Meal Plan
    (Unlimited meals + $100/semester munch money)
    $ 2618.00 per semester,  $5236.00 per year
  • 14 Meal Plan
    (14 meals/week + $200/semester munch money)
    $2567.00 per semester, 5134.00 per year
  • 10 Meal Plan 
    (10 meals/week + $275/semester munch money)
    $2513.00 per semester,  $5026.00 per year
  • Commuter Meal Plans
    Commuter meal plans can be purchased directly from Hallmark Dining online or by contacting the manager at 419-783-2488.


Students interested in changing their meal plans must fill out a meal change request form and turn it into the Director of Residence Life no later than June 15 for fall semester or by November 15 for spring semester. No changes can be made after the deadline.


Do I have to be on a meal plan?

Participation in the college meal program is required of all students residing in college housing.

What is Munch Money?

Resident students are allotted Munch Money to use at the Hive for premium coffee drinks, grab and go sandwiches and salads, and the signature Slice, Sizzle, & Stack menu. Munch Money works like a debit account. Any unused funds will carry over from fall semester to spring semester. However, there is no carry over from year to year.

What meal plan are athletes required to be on?

There are no meal plan restrictions for athletes.