Housing Process

Office of Resident Life

Residency Requirement

Defiance College requires all students to live in college-operated housing, unless they meet one of the commuter criteria identified. All current residential students will be expected to participate in the housing selection process unless they are approved for commuter status.

The Defiance College does not permit students under the age of 16 to live in on campus housing.  Students must be at least 16 years of the time campus residency begins in order to be eligible for on-campus housing.  Parent or legal guardians of students under the age of 18 are required to co-sign the Residence Hall License Agreement.  Additionally, students who will be 16 at the start of campus residency must have his/her parent or legal guardian sign the Minor in Campus Residency Acknowledgement Form

Housing Application
Welcome to Defiance College! We know you are excited to move in, but first we ask that you fill out the Housing Application. The Housing Application will ask a variety of questions so that we can best place you with a roommate. Do not worry. Your roommate will NOT see your answers. We ask that this form is filled out by YOU, not your parents, not your guardian, not a sibling, etc. Be as honest as possible because your answers are used to determine your roommate. You will not be judged on your responses and you cannot get in trouble for your answers.

You will not be given a roommate or room assignment until you have filled out this application, so it is important that you complete the application as soon as possible. If you have any questions or concerns about the application please contact the Office of Residence Life.

Fill out the Housing Application

Assignment Process
20 College Place and Grand Avenue Apartments will be assigned by seniority based on academic credit hours earned. The Jacket Suites will be assigned based on affinity groups associated and academic credit hours earned. Whitney Hall will be assigned through a random “lottery” drawing. McReynolds Hall is reserved for incoming students, making it unavailable for current students.

20 College Place, Grand Avenue and Jacket Suites Apartments
Housing Selection for the Grand Avenue and Jacket Suites Apartments and 20 College Place will be based on a POINTS SYSTEM. Each person will be given a point for every credit hour successfully completed by the end of Spring 2017 semester. Top ranked groups will be assigned IN ORDER OF POINTS to Grand Avenue Apartments or Jacket Suites, based on the applicant’s preference choices.  In the event of a points tie, the application with the higher averaged GPA will receive the assignment.  Gender neutral housing applications will be accepted for Grand Avenue and Jacket Suites Apartments, as well as 20 College Place. 

  1. Pick up a housing card outside the Office of Residence Life (starting February 1, 2017).  These cards are due no later than 4:00 pm on Monday, February 20, 2017 to the Office of Residence Life.

  2. EACH GROUP will fill out one selection card. Groups MUST sign-up in groups of 4 and an individual may only appear in ONE roommate grouping. Groups of less than 4 will not be considered.

  3. Credit hours for each individual will be verified by the official credit hour total the Registrar has record of.

  4. Final apartment announcements will be made on Wednesday, February 22, 2017 at 4:00 pm.

  5. If selected, all roommates living in the apartment will be required to sign a Housing License Agreement in the Office of Residence Life no later than 4:00 pm on Friday, February 24, 2017 or you will lose your spot in the apartments. Students that do not attain an apartment will be EXPECTED to participate in the Whitney Hall lottery. 

  6. Residents of the apartments will be asked to sign a minimum occupancy agreement- ensuring that they keep four residents in their apartment throughout the academic year.

    1. Should a roommate leave, for any reason, the remaining residents of the room will be responsible to find a new roommate.
    2. The remaining residents must find a roommate with enough credit hours to keep their application above the next application. 

    3. Apartments must keep a minimum of two residents of the original application or else the application will be considered void.

Whitney Hall
Current Whitney residents wishing to remain in the same room with the same roommate may squat their room.  To squat your room you and your roommate must sign a Housing License Agreement in the Office of Residence Life on Wednesday, March 15. Students must have their roommate with them to reserve a room.

All students that have not been assigned an apartment, squatted a room, have special circumstance housing accommodations (see below) or a medical single (see below) are expected to participate in the Whitney Lottery. Please attend the mandatory lottery event in the McCann Center Lobby on Sunday, March 19. Please bring a copy of your Fall 2017 class schedule to verify you are scheduled at DC for the fall; you will not be able to pick a room unless you have scheduled for classes.

Residents will be assigned a random lottery number. As numbers are drawn (like in a lottery) pairs will be able to select their room location in Whitney Hall for the fall. If you cannot attend, you will need to sign a proxy form (a person to stand in your place) to give your roommate permission to sign up for a room on your behalf.  Separate lotteries will be conducted based on seniority (credit hours).  In the event that one roommate has a higher seniority ranking than the other, the roommates may go to the lottery for the highest ranking student.

· Seniors (84+ credit hours) @ 7:00 pm
· Juniors (54-83 credit hours) @ 7:30pm
· Sophomores (24-53 credit hours) @ 8:00pm
· Freshmen (0–23 credit hours) @ 8:30pm

Super Singles
Students who wish to purchase a double room as a single in Whitney Hall may do so if space is available. Students residing in a super single will obtain the additional cost of $700 per semester in addition to the regular room rate. To request a super single you must go to the Office of Residence Life on Wednesday, March 15 to be placed on a waiting list.

Students on the Super Single waiting list must sign up for a regular Whitney room with a roommate or they will be placed with a roommate. If rooms become available during the fall semester, students on the super single waiting list will be contacted based on seniority (cumulative credit hours).

Special Circumstance Housing
Students who need to request special housing arrangements i.e. first floor because they have family members in wheel chairs, a room close to the restroom for medical issues, etc., may do so by submitting their request in writing to the Office of Residence Life on Wednesday, March 15.

Medical Singles
Defiance College pledges to work diligently with any student that may present special medical circumstances which would require them living in a single room without a roommate. We have a limited number of single rooms (1/2 sized residential rooms in Whitney Hall) that are set aside each year to accommodate such needs. In order to apply for special consideration for one of these rooms please complete the following:

  1. The student should compose a personal statement describing why a medical single is medically necessary.
  2. A detailed letter of explanation from a treating physician or other appropriate clinician is required which further describes how a medical single, in their professional opinion, would assist the student at Defiance College.

The Director of Residence Life will consider all petitions and honor approved petitions on a space-available basis.

Please mail or fax information by March 15, 2017 to:

Defiance College Residence Life
701 N. Clinton St.
Defiance, OH 43512
Fax: 419-783-2597